Welcome to my online casino guide. Here you can read honest information about online casino gambling.

The truth about online gambling is that you should avoid it.  All games are developed to earn the casino money, and you are almost guaranteed to lose money if you gamble in an online casino. A few win big but for every person that wins big, there are thousands of people who lose money.  You will most almost certainly be better off if you choose not to gamble.  But you know this,  we all do.  But still, we chose to gamble.  Why is this? Partly it is because you know that you have a small chance to win big like the player who won close to 19 million Euro (USD 21 million) when hitting the jackpot while playing Mega Moolah in an online casino.   I do, however, believe that a more important reason that we choose to gamble in online casinos is that it is fun.  We know that we are going to lose money but think it is worth it for the pleasure we arrive from it.  It is an entertainment expense just like going to the movies or going clubbing.

mega moolah jackpot

Now you know that you shouldn’t be gambling like you shouldn’t be drinking alcohol or eating fatty foods.  But we both know that you will anyway.  With this in mind, we should think about before you start to play online.

Online casinos

Online casinos are superior to regular casinos in almost every way.

  • They can be accessed from everywhere so you do not have to leave your home or work to play.  You can even gamble while on commute.
  • Better odds of winning.  The RTP (Return To Players) is often a lot higher in online casinos than it is in most regular casinos.  You can choose slot machines with an RTP of  98% or better.
  • They allow you to gamble using virtual money if you do not want to risk real money.
  • They allow you to play with really small (or really large) stakes if you prefer.  The minimums are much lower than in real casinos.
  • They offer a far superior selection of games compared to regular casinos.  Many online casinos feature more than 1000 games.
  • They are available in many languages so you can gamble in your preferred language.
  • You can withdraw your winnings directly to your bank account

But there are some drawbacks to online casinos as well.

  • It is easier to become addicted to gambling since it is so easy to gamble.
  • It lacks the social interaction of sitting at a table.  You can partly overcome this by choosing to play live online casino games. Games that are streamed from a real casino table with a real croupier.
  • Online casinos do not offer side services such as restaurants or shows.  There is no table service unless you can ask your husband (or wife) to bring you something to the computer.

Can I trust the online casino?

The short answer to this question is yes; you can trust the online casino.  It offers fair gambling.  The long answer is a little more nuanced. Almost all online casinos are honest and offer fair gambling but there are a small number of small casinos that are scams.  These casinos often use very aged technology and look very ugly compared to modern casinos.  These scam casinos also always feature their own (or unknown) software and games.  All casinos that use software and games from well-known developers such as NetEnt and Microgaming are honest.  These developers are very high requirements for allowing a casino to use their software and they prevent the casinos from tampering with the RTP of the games.  They make sure that all casinos using their software are honest.  These developers earn hundreds of millions each year and are not going to risk their reputation by allowing one of the casinos that use their software to cheat.  They have to much to lose.  Their software is in hundreds of casino and if any casino is cheating it can hurt the developer and all the other casinos they work with.  Most large developers like NetEnt do not own any casinos.  They just license their games to other casinos.

If you chose a casino with games from a large developer you are guaranteed fair gambling.

With this said.  It is very important that you read and understand the rules before you accept any bonus.  It is all too common that new players do not read the terms and conditions of the bonus and then feel that the casino cheated them when they insist that they comply with the terms of conditions.  One common condition is that you can not withdraw your money until you wager a certain amount after accepting a bonus.  You can read more about bonuses and how they work here.

Choosing a casino

There are plenty of good online casinos that you can choose to gamble in.  Which one is best depends on your personal preferences. Try to find a casino that offer the games you like and that you think looks good.  Gambling in a casino that looks good will enhance the experience and make it more fun. If you never played before and have no idea which games you might like then I recommend that you try Leo Vegas casino.  A very well managed casino with an excellent mobile casino.  It is a good choice for beginners.  If you enjoy live casino gambling then I recommend Speedy casino.  Speedy live casino is one of the best, if not the best, live casino on the market today.

If you know you want to play a particular game then you need to find out which developer that developed the game and chose an online casino that features games from that developer.  If you want to play a table game then you can likely find it in all casinos, but if you want to play a particular slot, then you will only find it casinos with games from a certain developer.  Always double check that the casino you are considering registering with offer the casino game you want to play.  Not all online casinos offer all games from the developers they work with.

If you want to use a particular banking method to deposit and withdraw money, then it is crucial that you verify this before you chose a casino.  Verify that you can use the banking method both to deposit and to withdraw money.  It is not guaranteed that you can use a method to withdraw money even if you can use it to deposit money.

I do not recommend that you chose the casino that offers that highest bonus.  This is not a good way of selecting a casino.  Chose a casino first and then see what bonus you can get when registering in that casino.